How to use Rivet

There are a few ways to use Rivet. This getting started guide will help get up an running in no time.

Mobile first dashboard

Create a dashboard view for your app using Rivet's mobile-first designed components. This example shows how Rivet's flexible type scale and spacing utilities can be combined to create layouts that work for all screens.

See the example

Integrating Rivet

Rivet can be integrated with any frontend Javascript framework, including React, Angular and VueJS. This article will walk you through converting a Rivet alert component to a React component.

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Axure wireframe kit

We've created an Axure wireframe kit with accurate representations of all the Rivet components.

Download the Axure kit

Start using Rivet

Get started using Rivet by heading over the the component documentation. You can learn about all the ways you can use Rivet and best practices for implementing it in your next project.

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