Launch consistent products faster.

Use Rivet to create UITS software that is accessible, usable, and consistent.

See some examples built using Rivet and get some ideas of how you can use it in your next project. Everything from forms to complex data tables.

Use the Axure wireframe kit with accurate representations of all Rivet components to quickly prototype and test your designs.


Create familiarity across UITS applications. Familiarity makes things quicker and easier for our users — it helps them understand our services and trust us.

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Build everything from sign-up forms to complex, data-sense interfaces with ease. Rivet is for all UITS applications, even the ones that are yet to be imagined.

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Fast forward through development cycle by using Rivet’s robust, ready-to-use, UI components that follow industry best practices.

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Should I use Rivet?

Whether or not you use Rivet depends on the system you’re building. You may find that the IU Framework fits your needs better.

Yes, use Rivet

  • Internal-facing web applications that consist of dynamic, user-generated content
  • Enterprise systems that are used by large parts of the IU community and require CAS authentication
  • Task-focused applications that are technically separate from your department or organization’s website

Use the IU Framework instead

  • Department and organization websites
  • Websites that have mostly static text content
  • External-facing marketing or campaign websites
  • News websites and blogs
  • Event sites and registration forms
  • Contact forms contained in any of the above

Help make Rivet better

We use Github issues to keep track of new component submissions, bugs, design feedback, and any other suggestions related to Rivet. If you have created a component you think would be useful to others or would like to make a suggestion, let us know.

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Or, create an issue on Github